Today, the Albrecht Ranches and 324 Land & Cattle are focused on raising high quality Registered Brahman heifers and Registered Brahman bull calves for the show ring, and for foundation breeding stock to build herds. Our modern herd features cattle from powerful, show-quality Brahman Sires and Dams, with highly sought-after pedigrees. Our family ranch is where it is today because of a long line of hard-working men and women. We are proud of our rich family ranching history, which spans six generations.

The Albrecht Ranches were founded in 1874 in Goliad County, Texas by Wilhelm F. “Bill” Albrecht. Bill was born in Berlin, Germany in 1848. He was a visionary who saw the importance that ranching would play in the growth of South Texas. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he grew up in a truly pioneering period, that laid the foundation for an estate that grew into the large ranching operation it is today.

Bill registered the 324 brand and it is one of the oldest registered brands in Texas. The Albrecht Ranch was recognized as a Texas Century Ranch in 1974. The ranch has been registered in the Texas Family Land Heritage Program, certifying that it has been maintained in continuous operation for more than 100 years by the same family.

At the age of eight, Wilhelm "Bill" Albrecht landed with his parents at Indianola, Texas. Bill showed, even in his youth, the qualities of vision and leadership to become a successful rancher. During the war between the states, being the only boy and the oldest child, he no doubt was the leader of the home while his father was serving his new country.

With his strength, vision, good judgment and love for the land and the cattle that grew on it, he saw the important part that ranching would play in the growth of this area. Bill bought his first land before he married which adjoined his father's ranch. It was purchased on November 30, 1874. He was well on his way to becoming one of the leading ranchers of the area, buying all land and cattle available in his area, and also a ranch in Victoria County and the western part of Goliad County. After the war between the states, nearly all the area was still open range. Many cattle that roamed the open range carried Bill's "324" brand on the left hip and his horses on the left shoulder.


Wilhelm F. "Bill" Albrecht


William F. "Bill" Albrecht


William D. "Billy" Albrecht

Bill Albrecht had numerous traits that set him apart from most. Bill wore a beard at all times because he refused to wear a tie. He allowed none of his cowhands to "whoop it up" and pop whips. He required all ponds that were built on the ranch to have flat overflows on at least one side.

When the cowboys came in from a day's work, all horses and mules had to be unhitched, unsaddled, brushed, watered and fed before the hands would be called for their meal. No one, not even mother or children were allowed to eat until Bill was seated and the food blessed. Bill always rode a black horse; however, all "324" horses were of bay color with black mane and tail, branded and out of a horse referred to as that "Billy" stud.

Bill and Louise Albrecht had thirteen children and were active in their community and county, supporting their church and donating livestock for special occasions. He also contributed to the railroad when it came through Goliad.

*Sourced from: the History & Heritage of Goliad County


William E. "Bill" Albrecht


William Clay Albrecht


Byron Luke Albrecht