Yes! We’re Blogging!!

Albrecht Ranch Entrance Goliad, TX

Hey y’all!!


Welcome to 324 L&C’s new blog page!!  I’m so excited and nervous all at the same time.  Excited to be able to share with y’all what’s been happening on the ranch.  Nervous because I’m a first time blogger and don’t really know what I’m doing just yet.  My worst fear would be to bore you with monotonous posts.  So my plan is to have a weekly blog post about our Brahman, F1 and commercial cattle.  I’ll also share recipes and stories about life on the ranch.  So here goes nothing!!

˜Calving Season˜

Our calving season came to an end in June.  I have to tell you I have a love/hate relationship with calving season.  It’s definitely exciting when the first calves hit the ground.  The anticipation leading up to calving season is so frustrating for me sometimes.  Of course we have due dates for the cows from palpation and ultrasound but those are just estimates.  Just like humans, they’ll come on their own time.  I can hear myself saying, “Will someone please have their calf already!”  It never fails when the first calf hits the ground, the rest are like clockwork for three months and I regret my statement just a little.  (But not really, I love all the babies!)

˜The Love Part˜

So what do I LOVE about this time of year??  The cool weather (I say that now that I’m writing this in the middle of summer in 100° heat.)  Our calving season usually starts in late March/ early April when the weather is just right.  I love seeing the freshly born babies in the morning sun as they take their first breaths of life.  Watching as mom licks’em clean and they try to rise and take their first wobbly steps.  I think, “Wow, God is good!”

The thing I LOVE the most is the time Arthur and I spend together.  Some days it’s from dawn to dusk!  We get the kids off to school, load up in the gator and head to the pasture to check on the herd and to see if we have any new calves.  All the new born calves will be weighed and tagged with their birth date and mom’s number.  This is sometimes a daunting task if you have a cow that does NOT want to cooperate and let you close to her calf!  But it gets done; one way or another.  OH, the stories I could tell you about tagging calves!  (But I’ll leave those for another time.)  This will sometimes take a few hours depending on how many calves you have to tag or if any issues arise.  We’ll also go back again in the evening to check them and do the same process all over again.  A lot of our time together during calving season is spent with the cows, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

˜The Hate Part˜

The hate part of my relationship with calving season is having a sick calf, doing everything you possible can for that calf so it can live but ends up dying just when you think it’s in the clear.  Having a calf that will NOT suck; either their mom or the bottle.   A cow having calving problems.  A cow that prolapses or has a uterine prolapse. (This never ends well.)  The death of an awesome cow in your foundation herd.  The frustration of things not working out.  Some may think I shouldn’t have mentioned any of the ugly stuff.  But this is part of ranching too.  It’s not always shine and rainbows.  You have to take the good with the bad.  I’m so glad I have Arthur to share these experiences with and to use his shoulder to cry on when needed.  We are a TEAM and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

This is the best sight to see during calving season!

Brahman cow


So, what do we do when calving season is over?  We watch them grow of course!  There’s always plenty to do around here but watching how these calves grow is our favorite part.  Here are some pictures of calves from this year’s crop.

Brahman Heifer324 Brahman Bull 324 Brahman calvesBrahman Bull






























I hope you have enjoyed our first blog!  Here’s to many more to come!  

Thanks for reading!